Adoption and the Heart of the Gospel (plus a Giveaway!)


I took a few steps forward, but reluctantly walked through the door. The last few years had been full of a heartache and pain so deep, I never could have imagined it. God was the last thing we wanted to hear about, yet He was the only thing we couldn’t let go of.

My husband and I took a seat as the Pastor began his sermon. Week after week we struggled through the awkwardness and feeling out of place, yet for some reason we kept coming back to this small, quaint church. And little by little God began to break down our walls, our fear, our prejudice, our pride, and our pain.

We began to meet families just like ours. . . dirty and stained with sin. Yet their love was so full that it pierced every area of our lives.

Love is an amazing thing— unlike any other force on Earth, it holds the power to breaks down walls, crowd out fear, extinguish heartache, and heal even the deepest of wounds. {<=====Click to Tweet}

These people wrapped their arms around us, and adopted us into their families. They saw beyond our wreckage, and for the first time in our lives we had a place we wanted to call home. A place that we can’t wait to return to. A place that we feel homesick for when we are away. And not because of the actual house we live in, but because of our community. They are our home.


In our emptiness, God met us where we were at and used the people around us to manifest His profound love. If this experience has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all flawed and damaged— every last one of us, but where there is love, there is hope. Where there is love, there is healing. Where there is love, there is a life worth living.

And this powerful love that ripped down the walls we had built so high, is the same love that we can now turn around and give to others.

For years our family has been passionate about adoption, and almost a year ago we took the leap and began the process. We have 3 children already, but we feel compelled to reach out and welcome more into our home.

Currently we’re waiting on the courts for our official certification to be completed, and then we can proceed with the process of being matched with a birth mom. Our hope is to do a domestic open adoption, but the road ahead is uncertain and there are so many variables in this journey. Our family would be so grateful for your prayers— not only for us and the child we are meant to find, but also for the birth mom.

I love how Anne Lamott puts this, “I live for Sundays, it’s like going to the spiritual gas station to fill up on fuel and clean the dirty windshield and mirrors. I usually show up nuts, self-obsessed, vaguely agitated, and I am at once reminded not of who I am, but Whose I am.”


Life is not about us. It never was. It’s about the One who holds us. And that is the heart of the gospel: more of Him, less of us.  {<=====Click to Tweet}

Shared by: Lisa Larson


We have been so blessed by the amount of money we’ve raised so far for our adoption, but we still have a long way to go. This week we are launching a new line of necklaces in our Etsy shop where 100% of the proceeds from every item we sell, goes to fund our adoption and bringing home our next little one.

Today we are giving away one of our “Be Love” necklaces.

In a world full of so much hatred and violence, it is up to us to choose love. We hope that this necklace inspires you to be the love that shines light in the darkness. Wherever you go, simply, be love.

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  • These beautiful, round, vintage-inspired brass pendants are approx 25mm or 1 inch.
  • This necklace features the image of a sail boat at sea, with the words “be love” written across the top
  • The fitted glass overlay gives amazing clarity and protection, without being too heavy. 
  • Along with the pendant, this necklace boast a large grade AA fresh water pearl, and an antique bronze skeleton key.
  • Each necklace comes with a 27” antique bronze, 1.5mm ball chain, allowing you to wear it long or cut it down to whatever size you prefer.

Giveaway will run until Wednesday March 4th, at midnight. The winner will be notified Thursday morning.