Being Thankful For Dreams That Don’t Come True

When Dreams Don’t Come True | for GodsizedDreams

Sometimes as I watch my children play, tears come without much reason it seems – but the reason is always there. Inasmuch as they are living dreams come true, they are also living examples of dreams not coming true. And for that, I’m most thankful.

Almost 6 years ago I sat on a tarmac in St. Louis, Missouri with dreams as wide as the blue sky and snow-covered ground I saw all around me. On the edge of my seat, I sat on the edge of what could have been a life-altering decision. I had just interviewed with a company that would possibly be offering me the “more” in life I thought I had always wanted. More prestige, more opportunity, more money…so much more than I had known. The job would have also meant more time away from home – a lot more.

My life was full with a one-year old son and a farm-at-home husband who did his best to work with my already sporadic work schedule. Even in the fullness of our lives, it was hard not to look ahead at the dreams of better for us – better house, better vehicles, better stuff.  I did realize it was just stuff, but having it almost in reach was enticing enough to want it anyway.

Even so, I didn’t take the possible decision lightly. I called in an army of prayer warriors and for the first time in my life, asked God to answer in a very specific way. I prayed that if He didn’t want me to take the job, I wouldn’t be offered the job. I knew the temptation to say “yes” may very well outweigh my heart’s ability to say “no,” if “no” was indeed what I was supposed to say.

Turns out my hearts-inclination was right and my God was faithful. I didn’t get the job offer, but I did get an unexpected raise where I was, because God’s not above doing what we can’t imagine or perceive in order to accomplish His will.

Even though I didn’t get a new career, a year later I received the priceless gift of a new baby girl. A baby girl our family may have never been blessed by if I had taken a job that kept me away from home and forced the option of a larger family off the table. A baby girl who has shown me more about myself and taught me more about life than I would have ever thought one child could.

What I know now is that God really does know best and His plan really is perfect – even if I have a hard time seeing it today.

What I know now is that sometimes the dreams we have for more, really only serve to give us less.

What I know now is that I am forever grateful that some dreams don’t come true, because that can lead to better ones that do.

What dreams are you thankful for today that didn’t come true?

Shared by: Meredith Bernard


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