Peace on Earth Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving
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Heavenly Father,

First we want to say THANK YOU for your sovereignty.  In the turmoil of this week the enemy has been busy trying to steal our joy, our peace, our compassion, and our love. He wants us to keep our eyes off of you, the God of Peace (Jehovah Shalom). He wants us to stay in strife and conflict so we will not show your love Heavenly Father. Yet today we stand with you and cry out, Abba Father we need your peace over our land and our nation. We need you to heal our broken hearts today. We need your strength to forgive and trust that you will bring about justice. We need your love to increase in our lives and our pride and hate to decrease.

Lord we ask that you will help to keep our hearts of flesh and not hearts of stone. We boldly come to your throne and ask for an increase of your peace. We ask that you will be with the families who are grieving this week. We ask that you be with those who are brokenhearted and feel alone today. God send them a love letter that reminds them that they are loved and treasured by you. God we lift up our neighbors and those in our community. God give us all the heart of hospitality so we can show your love in a very tangible way to those around us.

God give us the desire to increase a spot at our dinner table by one. Lord let us open our hearts and homes to those who need to be connected to community. God give us the courage to ask or invite someone to our table. God give us the courage to call a friend or relative to say THANK YOU for being a blessing in my life. God we ask that you will fill our homes with peace. We ask all of this in Jesus Name – AMEN

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