The Secret No One Tells You

Worshipper by Holley Gerth

A summer camp sky spreads above me. I’m in junior high and spending a few nights away from home. As I stare up at the stars, my little heart is already filled with longings for the future—to get married one day, to be a writer, to have someone to sit with at the lunch table. As I thank God for my blessings and express my desires, it seems I hear a whisper . . .

Always remember to love the Giver more than the gift.

I know instantly what those words mean. I’ve seen how easily my childish heart can look at God like a vending machine. But he’s beckoning me into intimacy instead. Through the years whenever a dream or desire comes into being, that phrase echoes in my heart again.

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We have high hopes for our God-sized dreams. We think they’ll bring us joy, chase away our insecurities, soothe our fears. But there is only One who can do those things: the Giver.

We sometimes forget that truth on the road to our dreams. We start chasing what we want instead of the One who wanted us enough to come all the way from heaven to earth.

The secret no one tells you about your dreams is this: they are nothing more than a shadow of the One you truly want. He is your joy. He is your peace. He is your hope and confidence. Everything you’re longing for is ultimately found in him.

Then why do our dreams matter? Because they are the path we walk with him. The journey that leads us closer to his heart. The way we experience life with the One who gave it to us.

Here’s the wonderful truth hidden within that as well: if you chase the Giver, then you will always get what you want in the end—even if the God-sized dream you imagined doesn’t turn out to meet your expectations. You can’t fail when you are pursuing him, because he promises, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13).

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Ask yourself if your God-sized dream has its proper place in your life. If not, tell God you want him to be the center of your desires again. He loves you so much that he will never let you settle for anything less than his heart.

God-sized dreams make beautiful gifts but terrible idols. Only the Giver can offer us what we truly need, what our hearts have wanted all along.

Love the Giver more than the gift.

Shared by Holley Gerth, author of Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream