When God Writes Your Spiritual Resume

God was building her spiritual resume. www.Godsizeddreams.com

I can see it in her eyes. The chronic pattern of inaction is dulling their sparkle. God is calling her to jump but she just can’t take that step. The call is only getting stronger, but so is the fear.

She’s been equipped in countless ways. Divinely chosen for such a time as this. It’s clear to those around her but still she hesitates.

Still she questions….what if I jump only to realize I was wrong? Underprepared? Or worse yet, the wrong person for the task?

She has spent hour upon hour talking with Jesus – sitting at His feet. When it looked to most as if nothing special was happening, something was growing within her. Everything in preparation for her calling. That time was anything but ordinary.

In each challenge, each joy, even in times best described as dark nights of the soul, God was building her spiritual resume. <=== Click to tweet

Unlike typical resumes posted on LinkedIn for the world to scroll through, this is something far more precious.

This resume, much like a house the Lord builds, is one that stands the test of time. It’s not built on shifting sand, prone to rise and fall according to what the world markets say. It’s not dependent on how much training she has had in the latest technology (only to be considered out of date by the time the class ends). It doesn’t even take into account what her formal education looks like. (Or doesn’t look like.)

In fact, it’s built by saying:

Here Am I. Send me!

The significance our spiritual resume carries is dependent on our saying yes to the One who is writing it. <=== Click to tweet

My friend’s fear? Ultimately, it’s that she is not enough. That she will step out, in view of everyone, only to fail. She is somewhat risk averse by nature and here’s the rub: there is no way to do what Jesus is calling her to do and not take a risk.  A big risk.

So, she’s left with two options. Say no and chose safety or say yes and chose faith.

Say yes, leave it all behind and follow Him. Risking crazy looks and comments from those who are still striving to build their worldly resumes.

Or say no (or not yet, or maybe one day, or I’m just not ready – each one still a version of no). Not have to wonder if she’ll fall. Quickly finding an array of distractions to occupy her time. She’ll gain the whole world, losing her soul in the process. She’ll do her best to shove that resume out of sight, but Jesus will never take His eyes off of her.  

After some length of time, she’ll begin to realize there’s just no way a temporary world can satisfy a permanent longing. She’ll wonder if it’s too late, if somehow a calling can be missed and ask for forgiveness. He will assure her she is forgiven and it’s not too late.

Her eyes bright and heart pounding, off that cliff she’ll jump. Hand in hand with Jesus.

And the resume writing will continue once again.


Here is a beautiful song by Plumb…very fitting for today’s post!

Shared by: Christine Wright