Is It Really Okay To Dream?


Before each keynote, I’d promptly scurry to my cushioned seat, cross my fingers and wait for the raffle drawing.

At this local women’s conference, the gift bag team prayerfully assembled themed collections of treasures to both treat and incentivize attendees to return–punctually–to the keynotes. There were garden bags, spa bags, jewelry bags…

One in particular grabbed me and initiated an internal wrestling.

The Dreams Bag.

Dreams, I thought. Me? Am I even allowed to dream? Isn’t dreaming selfish?

My train of thought continued. God created me with a plan-His plan, and it’s my job to obey. Where is the room for dreaming in that?

Nope, no dreaming for me. They must have gotten the concept for this gift bag wrong.

I secretly hoped that I wouldn’t win that dreaming bag. And I didn’t-or any other bag.

But the questions remained: What is this dreaming business all about? Isn’t it just a frivolous pursuit?

If you’re reading here at God-sized Dreams, then you already know that God answered those questions, untangling the knots of my own misunderstanding.

Yes, dreaming IS for me! Not only am I allowed to dream, but God created dreaming in my spirit for a reason-as His way of pointing me to the “more” He has for me in this life. No, they are not selfish, frivolous dreams, like winning the lottery.

The God-sized dreams He planted in me are as unique to me as everything else about me, such as my love of words, my joy at creating things, and my desire to connect at the heart level with others. My dreams point to the traits He created in me to accomplish the purposes for which He put me on this earth.

Those purposes are a combination of glorifying Him, bringing others to Him, and Him loving on me as His daughter.

Yes, I am here for His plan. However, I am not simply a robot that is programmed to do His bidding. I am a beloved child who is invited on adventures with my Father: (<====Click to tweet.)

  • Like writing words of freedom in this space that invite all of you to join in on the joy of adventuring with our Dad.
  • Like gathering kindred spirits around a table for some salted caramel mochas and soul conversations.
  • Like offering a safe space for those who are wounded and struggling to tell their stories out loud to a compassionate listener.
  • Like touring Italy for the sheer enjoyment of its rich artistic and religious heritage.
  • Like simply reminding you that you are amazing and amazingly loved just for who you are, wherever you are right now.

As God drew me close to Him through prayer and the loving company of sisters who know Him well, my misconceptions about Him fell away. As I began to embrace Him and the person He made me to be, I began to embrace dreaming too.

He showed me what one very wise woman, Holley Gerth, said so well:

You’re made for a God-sized dream. (<====Click to tweet.)

Shared by: Mandy Mianecki

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