Wide Awake

Wide Awake


Awaken to God’s call on your life. He says, “I have something so different for you. Open your eyes to see what I’m doing in your life. Believe.” Do you believe God does have a plan for you? We have the ability to help people to touch lives. Revive them and wake them from their spiritual slumber. Bianca Olthoff

What does it mean to live wide awake?

It is to dream of a better world, a different world.  And dare to do something about it.

I question, I ask myself often. Am I doing enough in my corner of the world? Am I making a difference?

God has been showing me that a God-sized dreamer sees the needs of those around them and sets out to do something to fill that need. (<===Tweet That) It may not mean to be a missionary across the country or starting an organization but it can be within my own family, neighborhood, or city.

Help me to live differently Lord, to love differently. That is my prayer, and the heart behind my own personal blog. Live and love differently because of Christ.

Life is a work of art. The canvas you paint first is your life. Then your life becomes the brush from which you paint that part of the world you touch while you are here on this planet. You are an artist.  (Wide Awake, Erwin Raphael McManus)

To live, really live, we need to wake up and hold our hands palm up to all that God has for us.

Living wide awake is about realizing that the world needs you to live up to your potential.  There are others whose lives and future depend on you stepping up and living big. The better world you keep waiting for needs you to accept your life’s calling and responsibility, and then to create it. The future needs you to dream God-sized dreams, these are the only kind God gets involved in. And if the future needs anything, it is God working through people. (Wide Awake, pg. 19)

I know for me, living wide awake seems scary and exciting all the same time. Exciting because, could God really use me?

And scary because I realize, God is really going to use me!

I love to joke that I’m a really good follower. I will come alongside a leader and support, encourage, and do whatever is necessary for a group or project to succeed. I’m a great co-captain.

But of course, just when you start getting comfortable with where you are and your position, God comes along and shakes things up. I remember one morning several years ago praying for a friend who was in a hard leadership role at church. And God whispered, “What about you?”

Huh?? What about me?

“You could be a leader too you know.”

Yeah, God, that’s nice for you to think that of me, but it’s not really my thing.

Fast forward about 5 years and here I am signing up to lead a Moms in Prayer Group at my church (well I was until God opened the doors for us to move back home).

Talk about exciting and scary. And not really feeling equipped to lead a group of women.

When we decide to live for anything that God has planned, we will be surprised at exactly what He has up His holy sleeve.

The world needs you to live wide awake because we need your gifts and talents. (<===TweetThat)

How will you choose to live wide awake?


*Awake by Hillsong Young & Free was/is my favorite song from when I volunteered with youth group on Wed nights. Get ready to sing, clap, and dance! Have fun :)

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