When Dreamers Meet Up


We dragged upholstered maroon chairs into a circle so we could all see each other. Some women were punchy from a weekend long on caffeine and short on sleep. Others joined the circle quiet and smiling. Brave newcomers mirrored these dynamics: some eager to jump in, others more cautious.

Each took a turn speaking as long as she needed, recounting the state of her dream and the twist and turns it took over the past year.

As I watched and listened, the theme was clear:

When it comes to God-sized dreaming, it’s much more about the journey than the destination. (<====Click to tweet.)

First, I marveled at the growth in each woman since the beginning of the God-sized Dream Team. Some began in a place of pain and struggle and have pushed through to freedom. Some began in a place of searching for direction and have ended up in amazing jobs, projects, and missions. Some longed to release their words into the world and have done just that through publishing. Some have even lost or added family members.

In all cases, they’ve been profoundly changed–by the wild love of a God in Whom they placed their trust and obedience.

Second, I marveled at the resounding agreement that, though we started as a book launch team, we ended up with sacred community.

A tribe.

There is a place reserved in each of our hearts for each other–a place that knows that our deepest desires, emotions, and vulnerabilities are safe with each other. A place that counts on encouragement and words that only make us stronger. A place that knows we’ll never be met with the words, “That’s crazy.”

It looks and feels a lot like the hands and feet of Jesus.



And welcome. We were thrilled to welcome a few new faces into our gathering, honored to hear new dreams spoken aloud. Overjoyed to cheer them on.

Does this sound to good to be true? Are you in a lonely season, searching for your own tribe?

Maybe you don’t know what this kind of community looks like because you’ve never experienced it before.

If that’s the case, lean in now and listen closely…

You’re invited. There is a place for you here. We will offer you encouragement, and we enjoy hearing from you too. The comment box is yours. Tell us what’s on your heart.

While we aren’t physically present with each other, we are proof that profound community can spring from online connection. (<====Click to tweet.) We care about your dreams, and we care about your heart. You are safe in this space. We hope you visit often and linger long here.


What is your God-sized dream?

How is it going?

How can we support you?


Shared by: Mandy Mianecki

Photo credit: Kim De Loach